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Apr 09, 2012 at 05:09 PM

One time vendor cheque printing issue



I've created a one time vendor and the issue is with printing the cheque. The issue is with vendors whose address is long. I suggested the users to use the fields - Name 2 (BSEC-NAME2), Name 3(BSEC-NAME3) and Name 4(BSEC-NAME4) in addition to the address field (BSEC - STRAS). However, the issue is when the cheque gets printed - using this adjustment, payee name is getting mixed up with the address.

Is there a way that a field or 2 could be added for entering the address. I tried adding (BSEC-ADRNR) in OB32 in sandbox - however I dont see a significant difference in the same. As well please suggest the importance of OB32 and is it useful in this scenario.

If not with OB32 - is there a way out that I could get a field or 2 added to the address, so as to be able to print the cheque, without any issues.

I'm aware that RFFOUS_C is being used for cheque payment. How is RFFOUS_C(payment methods in company code) being used by OTV transaction posting, as we do not map the same when creating a one time vendor.