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Apr 09, 2012 at 02:09 PM

Billing multiple Meter Reading Reasons on same day


Hello all,

I was attempting to bill an installation where there was a meter with 2 meter reading reasons on the same day.

01 - periodic meter reading

22- meter reading at billing rel. removal.

The 22 meter reading is at 23.59, the 01 reading at 13:02.

When I execute the billing: the billing doc that covers until the 01 reading does pick up the 01 read and bills accordingly.

The next period however does not opick up the 22 reading, and such a portion on the consumption for the day does not get billed.

Has any one experienced this?

I have seen SAP use multiple reading types ont he same day: 09 / 01 as an example.. or even 11/09, or 16/09.

Any suggestions as to a configuration item that needs to be changed or a process to be followed?

Many thanks.