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Former Member
Apr 09, 2012 at 02:55 PM

Open Item Manage change causing translation splitting error


Hello, We are on ECC6.0 EHP4. We utilize new GL and splitting.

We have GL accounts that we have changed the OIM flag from off to on (or vice versa). Some of these accounts are running translation (FAGL_FC_TRANS).

We are getting a document splitting error. This is because these documents/postings are not in the related FAGL table because they were created before/without the OIM flag. Now that OIM flag is turned on, FX is looking for these documents and cannot find them.

I found note 175960 related to RFSEPA02 and RFSEPA03. But these are not supported in 6.0. I also found suggestion to FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP. But notes state that "SAP does not support this process".

Is there a way to update the FAGL tables and fields properly after the Open Item Managed flag has been turned on or off?

Many thanks