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Apr 09, 2012 at 02:01 PM

Need help


Hi All, Can any one please provide answers for this.... 1. In R/3 system (sender) message went successfully, but not reached XI, Where will you check?

2. In XI showing successful but cannot see the message in Receiver?

3. Need to have the file name with Order number appended with time stamp, Ex: orders 10, 20, 30 so the file name should be 10 with timestamp appended….

4. A technical system or a business system got changed in the SLD, so, where will you make the changes in IR and ID to reflect these changes.

5.XML structure of sender and Receiver JDBC.

6.How do you prevent inserting duplicate records into a table?

7.If the single codes ‘’ not mentioned for the end separator ‘nl’ then what will be the result?

8.We have a xml to file scenario, File content conversion is used at the receiver end. So, out of 5 fields one field value is missing from source so how to handle at the receiver

9.In a IDoc to file scenario which is working fine, a field length is changed. So, do we need to reimport the whole IDoc? What about the IDoc metadata?

10.IDX1 and IDX2 are used for? SE37?

11.XML structure for receiver JDBC?

12.worked on any synchronization?

13.about transportation, what are you using CMS or file transportation?

Thanks in advance Regards Kalyan