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Apr 09, 2012 at 09:02 AM

SAP_ALL - Will this get assigned indirectly also thro Reference User or not?


Hi All.

Although i dont see SAP_ALL being assigned to any user as such, a few things are a bit confusing.

WF-BATCH - is seen as communication user with Profile SAP_ALL. Which belongs to SUPER admin group.
WF-BATCH is assigned reference User : RCF_ADMIN.

This reference user RCF_ADMIN has 4 roles assigned

Does that mean WHOMSOEVER is assigned Reference user RCF_ADMIN would ALSO get SAP_ALL ??

Though the system does not reflect to be so, am a bit confused.

Because, .
This reference user has been assigned for HR for e-recruitment related.

When i search on SUIM >where user list>users>SAP_ALL >SHOWS WF-BATCH Last column says RCF_ADMIN as reference user.

BUT when i search RCF_ADMIN with profile SAP_ALL - IT SAYS NO DATA IS SELECTED.
search on suim>whwere user list>roles>SAP_ALL==>no data is selected.

Although technically it seems ok, am a bit confused

SAP_ALL - Will not this get indirectly assigned through reference user - in the scenario above.

Or am I missing something in understanding technically as to how things internally work within SAP.