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Apr 07, 2012 at 08:57 AM

ESIC Deduction during Offcyle Payroll


Hi Team,

My question is related to ESI deduction during Offcycle Payroll Run.

We pay regular payroll to emps on 28th of every month.

We pay Over time payments during Offcycle payroll on 7th of very month.

I executed Regular payroll for one emp in April .

Gross - 7,800.00

ESI - 137 ... So ESIC is appearing correctly in Regular Payroll.

Offcyle Payroll:

IF SPRN If offcycle run ?INESI ESI during O/CPIT INPB NOAB Cum'n of bonus to PTax basisINPTB Population of Ptax basisINBTD BON1 SBON Tax deduction at source for bonus payELSE Else, Regular run (Gross to Net)

I entered OT hours ..

Gross is 6500 .

Output of INESI Log

However system is not deducting

* /101 Total gross 6,500.00* /138 Form 217 2( 6,500.003 /112 ESI Basis 01 6,500.003 /118 PTax Basis 01 6,500.003 /125 Mon Irr Inc01 6,500.003 /140 LWF Basis 01 6,500.003 4I01 Overtime 01 100.00 6,500.00* /401 Projection 9.77* /3EA Actual ESI


Here system is not deducting ESIC ./3E1 is not populated here .

Can you please help me on this?