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Apr 06, 2012 at 10:24 PM

Function Group Transport Issue



I had an existing function module, I added a perform to it. When asked I put the perform in it's own include. Everything worked fine. Now it was transported to UQ and the include does not show up in the function group. If I go to the function module and doulbe click onit I am told it does not exist. However if I place a break point on the perform line in the function module I can step through the include and all the code.

First I tried transporting just the FM, and new include. I then tried doing the whole function group. The last I tried was the whole package. The include is known to the function module, If I try to create the Include in the function module in UQ it says it already exists. But is is not recognized by the FM by double clicking on it. But is executed by the function module. Any Idea's??

Thanks in advance