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Apr 06, 2012 at 03:01 PM

Routine to fill fields



I have one dso DSO3 which gets data from two dsos DSO1 and DSO2.

DSO3 has characteristic infoobjects CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4 and keyfigures KF1,KF2,KF3,KF4 where characteristics CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4 and keyfigures KF1,KF2 are mapped to DSO1.CH1 ,CH2 characteristics,KF3,KF4 keyfigures are mapped to DSO2.

Now I have few questions about this scenario:

1.Lets say my user wants to see a report on CH1,CH2,CH3,CH4,KF3,KF4 on DSO3--since CH3,CH4 are not mapped from DSO2 to DSO3,I am thinking of writing a routine which copies these characteristics CH3,CH4 from DSO1 when the keys and where can I write this routine?I heard that people write a routine using global variables...any ideas about how to do it...