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Apr 06, 2012 at 09:34 AM

Discrete Constraints Violated


Dear Expert,

We have been trying to use the SNP Optimizer with Discrete Optimisation. So far we have encountered a few problems but he most frequent of them being the following:

  1. Not enough memory (when we are executing 5 SNP Optimizer jobs in parallel)
  2. Discrete constraints violated

On analysing the Trace log (/sapapo/snpoplog), we found that whenever the error ‘Discrete Constraints Violated’ has been encountered we have seen another error of “Minimum Lot Size Violation”.

We are using lot for lot setting in the lot size tab for a SKU @ Factory. Also we are using fixed lot size for Bulk @ Factory

We have not maintained minimum and maximum lot sizes in the Product Master for any of the products at factory or depot. On the other hand we have maintained for SNP PPM and PPDS PPM these values as 1(min) and 9, 99,999(max) respectively.

Also we have observed that SNP planned orders are getting generated in small orders like 0.286. we came to a conclusion that since minimum lot size was 1 and stock remaining with us was 0.714 SNP was doing what has been said above. Is this causing the error? Also is this something that would affect our further activities?

Please help us in solving this issue.