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Apr 06, 2012 at 08:54 AM

me51n user exit doesnt work properly...


Hi SAP experts;

I have problem with me51n. I have an include in EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_010 that has a bunch of codes which we use it to receive errors. The problem of mine is;

-When i run me51n with required datas(mat. number, quantity, etc.) I get some errors which also includes the error that I'm expecting on the first time, however when i terminate me51n and run it again with the same exact data, i dont get my error. I have debugged it and put a break point on my include in EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_010 and it never gets to my breakpoint on the second run. (It gets to the breakpoint on the first run but not the second one).

I dont know how but with the same material it works fine later again at the first time and second time i cant get the error again.

Can anyone please help me on this?

Thanks in advance.