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Apr 06, 2012 at 08:39 AM

Inspection before Delivery to Customer


Dear Experts,

I have gone thorough most of the posts posted in this forum regarding the subject matter, but unable to find my query. That's why I am raising this issue. We have the following scenario. Most of our FG products has to go through Customer inspection before delivery. In a sales order, we will be either having one material code or several material codes which contains 'n' number of batches. All our FG materials are batch managed. I have activated inspection type 10 in relevant materials and maintained the plan also. Customer info record-SD is also maintained.

The delivery to customer involves two steps.

1.Arrangement for inspection by SD people once the goods are ready to inspect and informing Quality Dept promptly for readiness

2.Inspection of goods by customer before the delivery of goods

For the 1st question -After external communication with the customer, once the customer is confirmed inspection schedule, is it possible to raise a QM order by SD people (of course authorization will be provided) in which they will attach the relevant documents like delivery note and other inspection related documents? In this way I assume that we can capture the inspection cost as well as the process of inspection will be streamlined between SD & QA dept.

If it cannot be handled by QM order, then what is the suggested solution? Can it be handled by any other order types which will serve as a platform between SD & QA dept? At present the business pain is that there is a big communication gap between these 2 dept. That's why we want to streamline this process through system.

2.For the 2nd question - In this part of the world, customer chooses the drum once he arrives at the factory or at sometimes he chooses the batches before arrival based on their specification criteria. For e.g. If the delivery note is having 3 materials A - 100 Batches, B - 25 Batches, C - 10 Batches, then he chooses 10 batches from material A, 3 Batches from Material B and 1 Batch from Material C for inspection. I understand that system will create one inspection lot for each item when delivery note is generated. But how I will enter results for different batches in one inspection lot? I don't think I can use inspection points for this process. Do I need to create partial lots for this? If yes, then what is the config to be done and process to be followed?