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May 31, 2005 at 06:39 PM

Wrong Digital Signature for Add-On ??? Plz Help...


Why would my Add-On receive this message in a pop-up window when it attempts to start?

<b>Add-on ABYMods Wrong executable digital signature for Add-on</b>

I have "very carefully" rebuilt the project and ARD file many, many times to ensure the ABYMods.exe file used to create the ARD file is the same as the ABYMods.exe file being used as an embedded resource within my installer project. And, the size of the ABYMods.exe file appears to shrink from 16kB prior to the installer build to 14kB after it is extracted from the installer's manifest when the installer is run by B1. Why? I use the same ExtractFile() subroutine as was provided in the 2004 sample code.

Another issue... Since I am using the DI API, in the project that creates the ABYMods.exe file, I have added the "Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll" reference file. And, as is necessary, I have added this as an embedded resource in my installer project. However, when it is extracted from the installer's manifest, it is renamed to "SAPbobsCOM67.dll", even though my code clearly extracts it to "Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll" (in exactly the same manner as the sample code). How can this be?