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Apr 06, 2012 at 04:31 AM

Stock Transfer Plant to plant of all materials


Hi SAP experts,

Greetings to all...

I wish to ask following question:

I wanted to transfer all the stock present in one of the storage location of a plant to a different plant. for this I am planning to use 301 movement type. in MB1B I see that we have to provide the quantity and batch number (material is batch managed) of the material.

So I am facing following problems in it:

1. Data is large - we have 10000 items so we will have add those many in MB1B (Probably I need to ask ABAPer to write some code to pull all the materials in a single shot)

2. Getting the data batch wise - I need to prepare the list of material batch wise.

3. Getting the quantity batch wise -

So just wanted to know that will I have to prepare the input file batch & quantity wise for each of the material?