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Apr 05, 2012 at 07:28 PM

Creating Dimension and Detail Variables To Display Data in a Single Report From Multiple Queries


I have a report that I want to display data in from another query within the same universe. The I want to include a field in the report from the other query. I've merged dimensions between both queries on two related attributes both of which are displayed in the report. What I need to do is add an additional field in my report that displays [Scheduled Arrival Date] from query 2. The field should populate in the report where it matches with the merged dimensions query1.voyagenumber/query2.voyagenumber and query1.portofdebarkationcode/query2.locationidentifier. I tried creating a detail variable a couple different ways but have been unsuccessful. What dimension/detail variables do I need to build in order to get [Scheduled Arrival Date] to display in the report where is corresponds with the merged dimensions?