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Apr 05, 2012 at 04:45 PM

How to handle Workflow in the userexits


1) I had used the user Decision(TS00008267) with the two Decision Text

a)sale view reqd

b)sale view not reqd

And also i created a Agent by using Rule in this User Decision.So that workitems will trigger.

Based on the above two Decision Text two lines will be generated i.e One line is for sale view reqd and another line is for

sale view not reqd

1)In the sales view Req - I created a Activity i.e (custom ) where it opens the MM01 tcode.

2)sale view not reqd - I created a process Control by putting the funciton Cancel Workitem

this type of design i had done for all the views in MM01 by one after and onfter in SWDD

Based on the above Sales Agent will get the workitem and he logs the tcode SBWP tcode and execute the workitem and he will click on button 'Sales View req' and it open the MM01 tcode and once he creates the Sales View and it goes to next agent to the Storage Agent and he creates Storage Agent and this will continue all the views in MM01 and I had designed in SWDD by created Workflow. And it is working fine.

Now the new requirment is the workitem comes to SalesAgent i.e in his inbox but SalesAgent will not log in SBWP tcode and but direcly navigates to MM01 and creates the Sales View but it should trigger the workflow and could you please tell me how to handle this