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May 31, 2005 at 03:46 PM

help in internal table


hi folks,

anybody who could help me in this aspect...

types: begin of structbdata,

bdate type jhtfp-fbuda,

predition type jhtfp-vavtyp,

adnumber type jhtfp-aubel,

adsize type jhamot-breite_s,

bunits type jhamot-HOEHE_S,

end of structbdata.

data bdata type standard table of structbdata with key adnumber initial

size 10.

select fbuda vavtyp aubel breite_ieh hoehe_i_eh from zzjhtfp INNER JOIN

jhamot ON zzjhtfpaubel = jhamotavm_nr INTO BDATA WHERE zzjhtfp~kunnr

= p_custid.

i have declared the internal table type -structbdata and declare internal table bdata to read the data from the query below.

error i am getting is internal table cannot be treated as a work area.

hence forth the results of the query is not getting stored in the internal table.

thanks in advance guys.