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Apr 05, 2012 at 07:14 AM

Movement 321 and Error message QA495


Hello All,

Please opine on below issue,

  1. GRN made against the production order.
  2. Inspection lot has been generated for which RR and UD made
  3. But still stock in the quality.
  4. One more thing, I haven’t seen 321 movement after the UD
  5. For this I checked in QVM1, QVM2 and QVM3, didn’t find inspection lot w.r.t. to material, batch and plant combination.
  6. Now when I am trying to reverse the document number(102) system gives me Error message QA495 is generated (Change the inspection stock of material & in QM only).
  7. For this, I have checked 95772, 92760 and 134673

Now my question is

  1. How can I move the material from quality to un-restricted?
  2. If not possible then how I can cancel the document?

Please note this situation is applicable for single material. For the rest it is working fine. Also all QM master data is in place.