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May 31, 2005 at 01:56 PM

help in smartforms


hi folks,

had a small question. I have to read the data into the body of the smartform from different tables. i.e (two fields from one table, two from the other and so on). I have declared the internal table with the respective field names(different tables) that forms the structure as below.

types: begin of structbdata,

bdate type jhtfp-fbuda,

predition type jhtfp-vavtyp,

adnumber type jhtfp-aubel,

adsize type jhamot-breite_ieh,

bunits type jhamot-hoehe_i_eh,

end of structbdata.


data: bdata type structbdata occurs 0 with header line,

end of bdata.

It is throwing error - saying that the data declarations of different categories cannot be mixed.

Also, I need to use this as aninterface paramter before reading the data into the body of the smartform.