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May 31, 2005 at 01:11 PM

Need help on generated HTML for a web dynpro view


Hi All,

Need some help for the followings regarding web dynpro view.

1) Is there a way to include custom java script in the HTML genrated for a view.

When you say <b>VIEW SOURCE</b> for a web dynpro view, you get to see some <b>HTML code & some java scripting</b>.Can i add some more custom java scripts there , so that the custom scripts will be included when the view is rendered again.

2) Can i see that generated HTML page (may be some other format) somewhere one the server / local machine apart from the browser?

3) My WD Application will be running inside a iframe provided by a portal (Not <b>SAP EP</b> !!!).

Is there any way so that i can fire an event or something like that to the outer Portal frame to inform that the web dynpro view has got loaded.

Will really appreciate your help.

Thanks much !