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Former Member
Apr 04, 2012 at 02:45 PM

FM Commitment Carry FOrward "FMJ2" Issue


Hi All,

After I have executed "FMJ2" used to carry forward "Open Commitments" into the New FM Fiscal Year (2013),

I created a GR for the carry-forwarded PO.

But, in FMRP_RW_Budcon Report; when I checked the Budget COnsumed, I found out the following discrepancy:

(a) Before Creating GR for the carry forwarded PO, Both the Fields, Consumable Budget & Consumed Budget Both, were updated with the Carry-forwarded Amount associated with the PO.

(b) After Creating the GR for the carry forwarded PO, The Consumed Budget was again debited with the same amount of the PO.

As per typical scenario; the Consumed Budget before creating of GR, should not be debited by the amount, which is happening in our case.

Kindly help,

Thanks in advance