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Apr 04, 2012 at 02:59 PM

Automate repetitive tasks in SAP



I am a standard SAP user.

We are just implementing SAP at our facility.

Component Version: SAP ECC 6.0

Database System: ORACLE


There are repetitive tasks that users must perform that I would like to see somewhat automated to improve

productivity and efficiency.

A simple example would be whenever we create a new Router we must change the material status for that material number from IE to CA. Can this task be somewhat automated by using a macro inside SAP? We would like macros to perform these types of tasks saved in our favorites so we can easily and quickly access them and improve our efficiencies. I thought these were called Function Modules in SAP, but I could be wrong. The idea is, we want to be able to click on the shortcut in our favorites, type in the material number and press enter, then the macro will go out and change the material status to CA on its own behind the scenes. These macros could make our productivity and efficiencies improve dramitically especially for complicated tasks.

I approached my support team already and they suggested this was a cumbersome deal to create such functionality and

the task would have to be something that was well worth the effort and expense of having someone make such a macro.

From what I understand about SAP, it shouldn't be so cumbersome to create this type of functionality for users.

Could someone please elaborate on what all is involved in the process for creating such functionality in SAP?

What are the proper terms for the functionality I am asking for?

I can't imagine it taking more than an hour to create, test, release such a seemingly simple macro.

Ofcourse I know nothing about it. I am thinking that if a repetitive task is costing the company $5k per year in time we can

cut that in half by automating part of the data entry process. So if it costs under $200 to create the macro we save $2,300 per year.

Seems like a completely sane, logical, obvious and desired solution.

I would like to please get a complete understanding of the process and terms so I can informatively speak to my

support team again about exactly what it is I am asking for.

Thank you,