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May 31, 2005 at 11:06 AM

More tableview issues


OK, today is tableView problems day. Here's another one:

I have a table containing entries that are dynamically created, based on what the user selects in another table (in my case, it's roles per usergroup; this info is stored in a custom-made table). The concept I'd like to try, is this: Whenever a user specifies certain criteria on my web page, I'll create a range of entries for my tableView. These entries should be marked as initially selected, so that the user can manually de-select the entries he doesn't want to keep before clicking the "Save"-button.

The following code was culled from another BSP forum posting, but doesn't work:

(onInputProcessing event)


describe table wt_roles lines wa_lines.

refresh keyTable. clear keyTable.

loop at wt_roles into wa_roles.

concatenate wa_roles-subsystem wa_roles-agr_name

into key.

append key to keyTable.



request = request

id = 'wt_roles'

keyTable = keyTable

check = 'X' ).

The problem is that the number of selected entries seem to correspond with the "previous" number of entries in the table (ie. from the previous roundtrip). Example: If the table previously contained 3 entries, and the user generates new table content which is 10 entries, the above code will mark only 3 of them as selected even though the keyTable has 10 entries...