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Former Member
Apr 04, 2012 at 07:23 AM

RAS server settings..


In relation to RAS servers I am trying to understand on how does all this work ?

Currently we have Open connections set to 75 (0-180 is the min and max values).

So what are the implications if we increase the no. of connections above 75 for each RAS server say 90 or even 100 ? What impact does that have on the server side(memory wise or cpu core usage) ?

If we do not increase the no of connections and ADD another RAS server to the existing infrastructure then what are the implications on performance wise and which option is recommended and why ?

The current setup we have is

3 RAS servers (with 75 connections) per Unix box in a clustered environment so in total we have 6 RAS servers combined making to 450 connections.

We are getting 500 connection request so should we add another RAS server or should we increase no. of connections under each server to 90 or 100.

Please advise asap..

This will be greatly appreciated.