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Apr 03, 2012 at 06:52 PM

SAP GUI for use with Testdrives?


I have a pair of Linux Testdrives (N4S SapNetweaver 2004s (DB2) and N4S SapNetweaver 2004s (MaxDB)) which are used for BC-XOM testing & certification. I've been running them through the Java GUI on both Windows XP and Mac OS X. We're about to recertify our BC-XOM interface and refresh documentation and sales materials. The GUIs I have, 7.10rev11, are fine for the testing, but continue to exhibit a problem with properly displaying wide data, as noted in JAVA GUI window content does not fill out when window is enlarged (Win,Mac) , which makes the output display poorly and be less presentable for a sales video. (If anyone else has seen this problem or better yet, has a solution, please comment on that thread!!)

I'd like to download the latest version of the Java GUI and see if this is fixed, or try the Windows native version. (Or find alternatives.) The FTP location where I'd previously downloaded the GUI went away. Going through > browse our download catalog ... installations and upgrades > SAP Frontend components usually hangs. The download links in fail, indicating that there are no downloads available for my account because:

  • Missing or incomplete software licenses/data base licenses
  • Restricted availability of several application components

This and the recent thread SAP GUI (Mac Environment) suggests a licensed system is now necessary to get the GUI. (My S-USER authorization's tab has a "Software download" bullet point. Should that do it?)


  1. Is it still possible to get the SAP GUI for use with Testdrives?
  2. If so, what is needed? (What am I doing wrong?)
  3. If not, alternatives? (Web interface? We do have a copy of the Windows MiniSAP, but that web interface looks positively ancient!)