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Former Member
Apr 03, 2012 at 03:29 PM

Problem with Strategy Map in copied model.


Hello SSM Friends,

I got a question regarding Strategy maps. I’m using SSM 7.5

I’ve done a copy of the model in SSM (transporter) and use it to keep the old map and kpis of the 2011 (copping as well the pas model).

Now I’m configuring the 2012 from the copy I have done but the images of both models keep changing and mess around.

I’ve checked and realize that in both models, even if I select ANOTER image for each one, are “linked” with the same code ej. 8f94c176-3492-496d-b37a-d153639da695.png and for both models keep showing the same map.

How do I fix this issue friends, please help me.