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Dec 27, 2016 at 05:59 PM

How do you configure an https node server on a SAP HCP virtual machine?


Dear community,

virtual machines on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP) are a very recent functionality, so tutorials are extremely limited: the SAP HANA Academy on YouTube as of today only lists two videos concerning how to create and connect to a SAP HCP vm, but nothing seems to cover security rules to open ports.

I was able to create a SUSE Linux vm on our SAP HCP account (this is a production account, NOT a trial one), install nodeJS and obviously run software on it.

Unfortunately to make your vm a real server, you need to expose it to the web (and that's easy: there's a switch in the vm section on the HCP cockpit), but you also need to create a security rule to open one or more ports.

Being familiar with security rules on Amazon Web Services I was hoping to get some similar functionality, but the options --source-id and --source-type seem to prevent me to open a single port (as an example: port 55555) to a generic https server.

My command line looks like:

neo create-security-rule  --account acxxxxxxxx --host --user --name myvm01 --from-port 55555 --to-port 55555 --source-id BigIP --source-type CIDR

and it always generate the same (irritating) answer:

(!) ERROR: There is no list of IPs defined for Source Type CIDR

Of course I have already checked the online documentation here and read an interesting blog post here, but I couldn't find any practical help / documentation and/or tutorial covering this specific question.

Thank you in advance,