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Apr 03, 2012 at 05:47 AM

Workflow Restart issue


Workflow restart.

Hello SRM gurus,

I have below scenario.

PR gets created in R/3 and then SC gets created in SRM system. We have implemented the N step badi.
This n step badi gets called during SC creation and determines the number of approvers and triggers the workflow.

The issue is when PR is created with value 1000 EUR, SC gets created with 3 approvers and these approvers are visible in SC portal. when SC is in approval process, user change the PR value to 200 EUR ( which has 4 approvers), value gets copied into SRM system. Initial workflow is still running with 3 approver. Now my req. is to end the current workflow and retrigger the same workflow with 4 approvers.

1.Is N step badi going to triggered again?
2.Do i have to write the custom report to start the workflow and populate the approvers manually? If I do so are theseapprovers are visisble in SC portal?

Thanks in advance.

Sagar Sontakke