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Apr 03, 2012 at 03:50 AM

Restriction for External Requirement - Services


Dear SAP gurus,

We are in SRM 7.01 with ECC 6.0 as backend, and we're planning to integrate PS module with SRM as sourcing. As such the scenario will be:

1. Create project in PS Module,

2. Input required materials/service in PS

3. Release the project and generate the PR

4. Push the PR to SRM for sourcing

We believe that Plan Driven Procurement scenario can handle this. However we encounter note 899646 which says:

-start quote-

When you integrate external requirements, you must consider the following

contraint or restriction, in addition to the restrictions mentioned in note


1. When a service line specification is changed in a work order in R/3 or

in a network order in R/3, the corresponding R/3 purchase requisition's

service line also reflects the change; but the purchase requisition is not

considered as relevant for re-transfer to EBP. The PM order or PS order and

the purchase requisition share the service specifications in this scenario.

Hence changes made to a service line specification which is part of a work

order are not updated to the SRM system, unless a change occurs to the

purchase requisition item itself. This is true to any field that is changed

in the service line, with no changes to the corresponding item in the

purchase requisition

-end quote-

Indeed in the note it is mentioned that the software component is SRM_SERVER 500, but is there any one of you have this scenario before? I think it can be considered as show stopper for using service in PS Module.

Best regards,