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Apr 02, 2012 at 03:45 PM

TM8 Rate Table Effective Dates


A given rate table has one set of effective dates - i.e. a "valid from" and "valid to" date. If new rates are determined and you wish to control the rates by their effective dates then you just copy the rate to a new version and change the dates such that the first version is Valid To, say, 3/31/12 and the second (new) version is Valid From 4/1/12. So far so good.

Our problem: what happens when we need to have numerous beginning / ending effective dates? For example - a rate table may contain, say, 1000 different rates. It happens that certain carrier / lane combinations are renegotiated at different times of the year - let's say weekly (just to keep things simple). This means that there would be up to 52 different versions of this same rate table. Seems very awkward, both from a maintenance perspective as well as a performance perspective.

Is there a better way? I guess I'm thinking of the way condition records would work in ERP where literally each rate had a beginning and ending effective date. But I sure don't see this sort of flexibility in TM.

Thanks in advance!

Mac McLarin