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Apr 02, 2012 at 03:41 PM

Conditions in Campaign Mail Forms


I am currently working on a project to implement Campaigns Management for managing reoccurring email campaigns. The requirement for the overall solution is that customers will be able to register for a number of email campaigns and then receive emails on a regular basis over a period of time based on these preferences. The key requirement is that if they register their interest in items A and B, they will receive both items in a single email. We expect to achieve this using ‘conditions’ within mail forms. The mail form will be made up of text elements each representing a customer preference. Conditions will be defined so that this content is only relevant for customers with a particular preference, so you can effectively have a single campaign to satisfy a number of customer preference differences.

The key issue for us is the volumes. We are expecting a peak of 3.5 million subscribers at one time with a high volume of emails being generated regularly. Have you used conditions before?? If so, are there any issues in performance that we need to be concerned about? Reason being that we would be asking SAP to do extra processing for every single email being generated.

Just to note, the segmentation we are using to determine target groups will be very basic (one or two levels at most). Also I have looked at ‘High Volume Campaigns’, however using this functionality means that conditions cannot be used which is paramount to our solution.

Many Thanks