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Apr 02, 2012 at 12:16 PM

SAP BPC 7.5 MS - Office 2007 -Win7: Custom menu - error on open webfile links



I would like to know if there are any known issues (and hopefully the fixes) with using links on a custom menu to open webfiles.

Practically, I migrated from SAP BPC 7.0 MS to 7.5 (and xls 2003 to 2007/WinXP to Win7) and did a clean-up changing file names and adjusted the paths/links accordingly.Saving the menu and increasing the template, I received an reference error that the report could not be found, showing the old name(which was no longer in menu) and path.

Fair enough, torturing my limited SAPBPC/ICT wits, I assumed the local cached version of the menu will always take priority over the company one as long as one remains logged on on.

After re-logging I still received this error and went a step further (after browsing for answers) and cleared the local client information and deleted all content of the local app folder and even the private publications on the server.

Nevertheless after doing so I still receive an error albeit a different one [Method '~' of object '~' failed].

Funny enough this error is not applicable to all links on my menu eventhough I changed all names, for two nearly 99% identical report files one works and the other doesn't. The only workaround I found thus far is changing the filename a 2nd time. Somehow this workaround does not seem to me like an elegant solution and there might still be a situation for which this does not do the trick and I have not detected so far. Note that opening the reports not using a menu link did not pose any problem.

Making a menu from scratch (using my re-using my intended path and file)does not help either, somehow to me it seems there is an (xls?) association between the new name I gave to the file and the old path.

Anyone has an idea how this can be fixed?