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May 30, 2005 at 02:25 PM

Bug in htmlb:tabcontrol with design2003?


BSP Experts: please clarify!!

I have the following scenario in my applicaiton:

I have used the htmlb:tabStrip tab strip and I am trying to avoid the server side event for tab selections. So I don't have onSelect function, instead I would like to write client side events for the same.

I have everything works fine in WAS if I run the BSP Applicaiton standalone using 'design2003' design parameters. But if I create an Iview for this BSP Applicaiton, I get the tab contents stacked in the page one after another. (I am having WAS6.4/BW3.5 and EP6.0 SP2 )

In oder to re-create the scenario in your system, please create a BSP page with the following code and create an Iview for the same. You will see the 2 images simultaniously in the BSP page.

This looks like a bug using the 'design2003'. I tried using classic / design 2002. they are working fine.

<%@page language="abap" %>

<%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb" %>

<htmlb:content id = "content"

controlRendering = "sap"

design = "design2003"

rtlAutoSwitch = "true" >



<htmlb:tabStrip id = "RepTab"

bodyHeight = "30px"

width = "100%" >

<htmlb:tabStripItem id = "TAB1"

index = "1"

title = "tab 1"

tooltip = "Select to see details of tab1" >

<htmlb:image id = "CVAR"

tooltip = "Change Variable Values"

src = "ICON_CHANGE" />


<htmlb:tabStripItem id = "TAB2"

index = "2"

title = "tab 2"

tooltip = "Select to see details of tab2" >

<htmlb:image id = "PRNT"

tooltip = "Print Preview"

src = "ICON_PRINT" />