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Mar 30, 2012 at 08:03 PM

Dilema with "unrelated" records


Greetings Mentors,

I have a report (which I've been slugging at for a while, including here). Trying to keep it in simplified terms, it narrows down to pulling two rows that relate information from the same table that needs to be collapsed into a single detail (or group) line, or in any other manner that can be reordered by a "derived" field.

Row type 1 is process information and contains the thickness that I need. Row type 2 is pricing information. They come from the same source, but I'm unable to come up with any way to link one to the other, so using a command is (or seems to be) not an option.

First thought (option one) is pulling the two rows, and collapsing them into a group footer, but I'm not aware of a way to reorder as a group.

Second (option two) is putting this into a subreport returning only the collapsed data in the detail section.

Option one runs about 5 seconds but doesn't give me to ordered grouping I need (thickness). Option two ran about five hours before I decided that wasn't going to work.

Right now, to get the job done, I'm running option one, suppressing everything except the group footer, exporting to csv (excel is too messy, even the csv needs some cleanup), then using that as a data source for a second report.

Is there really no way to create a secondary sort to feed back into Crystal, or are there any other option types of approaches anyone can offer?

Right now my time will be spent trying to decipher why Crystal is dumping a line of good data, then two lines of ",,,,,,,,,," for every "record"

Thank you!