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Mar 30, 2012 at 05:20 PM



Hi -

We are running MRP. We are entering Planned Independent Requirements in the system. We are consuming the PIRs with our Standard SOs.

We see the following system behavior which strikes us as illogical:

We have a PIR (type PB) sitting on the T tab of /n/afs/md04 softly linked against a Purchase Order (or even Inventory).

At the same time we have a Sales Order (with a date a few weeks out in the future compared to the PIR) which is softly allocated agianst a Purchase Requisition.

Why wouldn't the certain demand (Sales Order) be tied automatically to the certain supply (:PO or Inventory) and basically "overrule" the PB PIR which is just a forecast ?

We don't want the SO to link against a PReq and the PO to be linked against the PIR. It throws off our ATS reporting in which we consider Inventory or POs tied to PIRs as ATS (for rush SOs, ...). Is there a configuration setting that can correct the system behavior ?

Appreciate all help.