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Mar 30, 2012 at 07:40 AM

More blog viewers than ever before, but no points


Hello SCN team, hello SCN blogger,

I love the look and feel of the NEW SCN, but the changed recognition model for blogs is really frustrating.

I invested 3 days in my last blog with interviews, video search, writing and the marketing afterwards. More than 700 viewers after 4 days and noce Twitter traffic is a good results ... but all I get for that are 18 points. (10 for creation and 4x2 for like)

I would also write and post blogs without a recognition system at SCN, but as you have one it should be fair.

If you will come to a SCN blog per oink from outside SCN you will read the blog and move away. Nobody will first login to see and use the possibility to like it!

Please review the possibility to offer a feedback system for anonymous viewers/readers as well.

Best regards,