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Mar 30, 2012 at 07:48 AM

Enhancement in Planning Book's screen control


Hi All,

I would like to ask a question regarding the planning book's layout and screen control. In SNP planning book, if we double click a cell, it is possible to have a detail second window being shown in the bottom part of the screen. Do you know is there any enhancement I can have similar control in DP planning book? So far, I don't find any enhancement which is possible to catch the double click on cell event.

Here is what I would to achieve:

- If a user double click a cell (key figure) in a DP planning book, I would like to make use of the second window to display some additional information (just like SAP using the second window to show graphic)

* I have considered to use the tooltip on mouse-over to display additional information, however, the no. of character to be shown is very limited

any idea or suggestion would be highly appreciated. thanks for your input in advance!