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Mar 29, 2012 at 04:12 PM

Need info about the copy express ...


Hi ... I am using the one database name:sap_one in it all my udt, udf, udo are there i am practiceing all my functions in it....

and i was created a new database this is the new database created by using the site user........ all ready created ...... name is :sample

i want to copy all by functinality from "sap_one" to "sample"

Iam trying to copy data from one to two by using the copy express it is asking

""you must back up your target database before performing the copy express"

how can i avoid this message if i press the ok it is not allowing to the next step..

how to take the back up by using the sql ...if i take the back up through the sql how can i copy express identify the database has all ready back up...

how can i perform the copy express..............

Here are the images.........


ex2.png (161.6 kB)
ex1.png (155.9 kB)