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Mar 29, 2012 at 02:06 PM

WM Material Staging Pick Parts Fixed Bins



We are trying to set up WM Material Staging for with fixed bins in our Warehouse.
In our Control Cycles we would like to use Pick Parts.
Everything seems to work just fine, but we have encountered one big issue when it comes to batch managed materials.
(First let me point out that all stock and batch determination has been turned off.)

The problem:
After we stage a component and try to do a goods issue in MIGO, the system manages to post the issue even if we don't enter a batch number.
SAP somehow seems to look for the material in the fixed bin and uses the first batch it finds.
For us this is an unwanted behavior (we would like to receive an error message prompting the user to manually enter a batch.)
I agree that the functionality seems logical if we have had Dynamic Storage Bins, but not now when we use fixed bins...

Question 1:
Has anyone had experience of setting up WM Material Staging with fixed bins for pick parts?
If so, is this standard behavior that the system automatically finds the first available batch in the fixed bin?

Question 2:
Does anyone has an idea on how to solve this? (That is block the automatic batch determination and instead issue an error message.)

I'm really hoping that someone could provide some helpful insights on how to get around this system behavior.