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May 29, 2005 at 01:13 PM

What is your favorite transaction and why?


Just wondering what your secret tools are... Willing to share? Transactions you use all the time, and without them you would be, uh, toast...

My favorite one is SE84 Repository Information System. I use it regularly to find objects in repository, like database tables, views, table fields, function groups, function modules, programs, logical databases, message classes, message number, SET/GET parameters, transactions, variants, screens, business add-ins, customer exits, change requests and authorizations.

A useful hint: You can also search by application hierarcy. For example, in 4.6c to find customer exits within MM, do as follows:

1. Start SE81

2. Select subtree MM with F9

3. Click Information system. SE84 is displayed.

4. Click Envir. and then Exit techniques and then Customer exits. Click enhancements. A search screen is displayed and development class field is pre-filled.

5. Press F8

What is your favorite transaction and why?


Jarmo Tuominen