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May 29, 2005 at 02:49 AM

Request for "Points for Company Employees"


In the spirit of Craigs effort, and all others, to get more contributors into using SDN, I would like to have a new feature added to the "Top Contributors" / "Top Companies" lists.

In addition to the "Top contributor in the last 30 days" that were suggested at SDN Meets Labs, and that are now in place(Good work Mark 😊 ), our company would like to have a listing that makes it possible to see all contributors from our company. Showing names, number of forum posts with points, number of articles with points and so on, and total points. In addition it would be nice to have the number of "Solved", "Very Helpful", "Helpful", "double points", "exceptional" and so on on the list too. If there is enough space. Preferably with sorting on all columns. Company list should have a link to this "Points for Company Employees" list.

The idea is that this will allow us to monitor our companys contributions. We will soon be starting a competition within our firm to get as many skilled people to use SDN as possible, and reward the most active users somehow. Probably by allowing them to go to some SAP event.

To do this we would need this kind of monitoring possibility.

As my Weblog "application" has not come trough yet, I could not post this as a part of the CC: challange, with all the other fabulous content I could add. 😊


Alexander Moan