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Mar 28, 2012 at 11:51 PM

How can i cancel an AP invoice with down payments linked


I need to cancel an AP invoice who has a down payments linked

The problem is that the invoice have a tax of 11 % and the down payment invoices have another tax 16%

I try to cancel the payments, but the systema send a message that says

you cannot cancel a payment because they have down payments applied

this is because the down payments invoices that i paid with the outgoing payment are already linked to a final invoice

Y try to cancel the final invoice but the the option "copy to" (in order to create a credit note) is not available (gray color)

So i can not cancel the final invoice
i can not cancel the dowpaymetn inovice because i caanot cancel the outgoing payment

Do you have any suggestion for this issue?
Please help me



imabre01.png (294.1 kB)
imabre02.png (120.6 kB)