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Mar 28, 2012 at 09:19 PM

Downloaded File goes to wrong folder in Win7


I have one (and only one) user with a very strange problem. For everyone except this one user, this process works flawlessly. For Documentum attachments, I retrieve the archived document into a binary table (they're PDF files). I then do the following:

call cl_gui_frontend_services=>get_sapgui_workdir and get back the user's SAP work directory.

call cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_download to download the file to the SAP work directory with a something.pdf file name.

call cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute with the same path and file name used in gui_download.

For this single user, this document fails to open with a file not found error.

On his PC, instead of c:\users\<userid>\SAPWorkDir, the save to file path somehow gets changed and the file is diverted into C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore. When he finds the file and double clicks in \virtualstore\, the file opens normally. So, I know that the file is good.

On his PC, if we copy a .PDF into c:\users\<userid>\SAPWorkDir, it can be opened normally, by double-click. So, he has the necessary permissions. Another user with Win7 using same application does not have this problem; the other user's files go into the \SAPWorkDir folder and open flawlessly, so obviously something is very different between the two PCs.

Question for the forum: Does anyone know what is happening in Windows 7 or the SAP GUI (7.20, I think?), that results in changing the download path from \SAPWorkDir to \outdata\local\virtualstore? Is it some sort of file management software? A Win7 "feature" or setting? Or ??