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Mar 28, 2012 at 05:41 PM

Reuse of views?


Hi all, I have just started developing a web dynpro application that looks different than other applications I've made. Maybe anyone could give me some hints about how to think when designing the application.

The user will on the first view get a table listed. From there she will be able to click on a link of one of the listed items to get a detailed view with additional information about the item. The fields on the detailed screen will sometimes be in input mode sometimes closed depending the user. Other users will go directly to the detailed screen without passing the list on the first screen and there be able to create items of the same type of the list of the first screen, this kind of user will never go to the first view/ see the table listed on the first screen. The question is if I should create two views with one component controller holding the information, one view listing the table and the other view showing the detailed information? But it would be nice to "reuse" views so that the detailed screen could be used for several purposes, to either show information or to have the user to enter information instead of creating several components. I am not sure whether this question is to generel to fit in here in this forum.

Thanks a lot, kind regards Lena