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May 27, 2005 at 07:55 PM

NW04/EP6 Development environment options?



We are just now starting our EP6 upgrade project and are in the midst of much evaluation, including our options for the development environment, which is my responsibility. I've read through lot's of the materials on SDN and will continue to do so but in the mean time will ask a few questions.

1.) Most of the Netweaver Developer Studio documentation i've read makes little mention of iView development and the PDK. Is the PDK delivered with NDS?

2.) One presentation I reviewed had 3 dev environment scenarios, the minimal one still involving the DTR. Has anyone gone to EP6 using just the PDK, porting old EP5 developed iViews (java, htmlb, jsp) to EP6. We're leaning toward a minimal dev environment config for now, electing to go for the DTR, build, deploy (Developer Workbench?) capabilities later. Does this sound like a reasonable approach? Any potential pitfalls?

3.) The Developer desktop. Sorry if this is a very basic question. Of course the old involved Eclipse, PDK, Tomcat, etc. From the reading I've done it seems that developers are loading the whole lot, WebAS 640, J2EE, Portal, PDK local? Of course in a minimal config you could just use Eclipse and test on a development box. For those however opting for a local dev and test is what I described close to the truth?

That's all for now. Any answers, pointers to docs are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...