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Former Member
Mar 28, 2012 at 03:01 PM

FI posting error



I am facing the following problem while trying to post a document in FI

here's the scenatio

We initially paid an employee in pay period 02, 2012 and also in Pay period 03, 2012 now we are in 04, 2012 and realized that the employee should not have been paid for the periods 02 and 03 of 2012

so we ran a reversal using off-cycle first for pay period 03, 2012 and posted the document using a process model "SAPUSOCV" so that the posting has been performed for the reversal run

now we did a reversal for pay period 02, 2012 and tried to post the document using the same process model SAPUSOCV and we initially has an error saying

" Error in document: HRPAY 0000045230 RP1CLNT101

No authorization for posting period 001 2012"

so we deleted the posting document and had the authorization objects added to the profile and now while trying to run posting manually through RPCIPE00 it is not picking up the reversal run.

but it is still showing up as a document that is not posted in RPCIPC00