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Mar 28, 2012 at 01:18 PM

J2I6 Register_Opening stock


Dear All,

We have uploaded opening stock for materials as on 30.01.2012 and did the extraction and we can see the qty. Now we have completed all the postings for Feb month, and when i do the excel sheet download for 01.02.2011 to 29.02.2012 for RG23A part1 Register, I can able to see only the entries which have been posted in the month of Feb 2012.

I have uploaded 561 for MAT1 with 100 Pcs & MAT2 with 200 Pcs, did extraction - Entries were ok

In Feb i did few GRs& GIs for MAT1 and its fine. i am able to see all the GRs & GIs and closing Balance also coming correct.

Where as for MAT2, hence i have not posted any GRs or GIs in Feb month , its not showing opening stock or closing also.

When i download from 30.01.2012 to 29.02.2012, its coming, but MAT1 will appear 2 times, 1 with opening stock as 100 Pcs and another with opening stock+GR as closing stock.

Please let me know what we need to do to bring the opening stock in feb period.