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Mar 28, 2012 at 04:53 AM

Profitability segment derivation


Hi Professionals,

We have a requirement related to profitabilty segment as mentioned below.

While creating service order (T.code IW31) we specify service product (designed as per the business requirement in enhancement tab) and the same to be populate in profitability segment for multiple fields like product, material enetered and material determined.

For example: In service order i have specified the service prodcut(material number) as 230000 so in profitability segmnet product updates with 230000, material determined and material entered to be update as 000000000000230000 (18 digits). We have tried derivation rule, move options in KEDR but this zeros are not updated because as far as i know through derivation we can populate the value as it is updated in table AUFK.

To achieve zeros functionality we done have changes in enchancement COPA001 which is provided by the SAP and achieved.

Now the problem is that client thinks that it is not a good approach to do changes in the enhancement only for zeros functionality.

so is there any functionality/way availble to bring zeros without doing changes in COPA enhancement COPA001.

Thanks in advance.