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Mar 27, 2012 at 08:53 PM

WDA - WDJ Integration / Portal



Let me start saying I'm no expert in WDA. In fact, I'm quite new to it and this is pretty much my first development using WDA.

I'm stuck with a problem I cannot sort due my lack of experience in WDA, because I believe something like this should be very very straight forward to do (once one knows the steps). Here we go...

Example Scenario:

We are running the WDA inside the SAP Portal, where many other Apps are also deployed. Lot of development was created in the past using WDJ (7.0 in the past, now 7.3) - and there is a need to integrate Components created in WDJ into the WDA Apps (new development is being done in WDA now) - And to illustrate the scenario, lets use Material as example:

- There is a WDJ Application which the user can maintain all Material relevant data;
- This WDJ Application has some entry points depending on how you want to use it: Popup, Embed, or Standalone;
- WDA should use the 'Embed' option where the 'Criteria' to load the Material is passed as GET/POST parameters and later loaded into the WDJ Component;

WDA Component for instance would maintain 'Purchase Orders' - we can have items inside this Purchase Order and a LinkToAction that would 'load' the Criteria into the WDJ Embedded Container. This Container will be place under a TabStrip of an Accordion for instance: As soon the user expands, the whole Material data is also presented on the screen.


I cannot find a way to integrate Content coming from WDJ. What is the proper way of doing this? - At the top of my head, I think I need a WDA UI Element that is wrapped across an iFrame - but I also need the iFrame name so I use this frame as 'target' in my Portal Navigation method.

Any other alternatives are also welcome: It is 'imperative' that this content is embedded seamlessly, inside the WDA Application - we do not want to use a ->co_show_external

Any help would be very very much appreciated.