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Mar 27, 2012 at 03:52 PM

Initial Stock Upload


Hello all,

are the steps as shown below correct? I am not sure that in the case of materials with standard price the proposal is correct. Furthermore what other steps are to be done by FI once the goods are uploaded?

Material Types with Moving Average Price (Raw Materials):

  1. Upload materials with 0 price
  2. Upload stocks and values for materials that have stocks at the time of upload

Material Types with Standard Price (Finished and Semi-finished Goods):

  1. Upload materials with 0 price (in order to have time for BOM creation)
  2. Perform MR21 (in order to take over the price calculated in 31/10 in the old system as standard price of the initial stock upload)
  3. Upload stock (only quantities, no values required, values are calculated via the standard price in the material master)
  4. Perform Costing run and release the calculated standard price in April 2011. Any price difference due to stock revaluation will be posted in April.

Thank you