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Dec 27, 2016 at 01:21 PM

Error - RAR Posting in integration with Result Analysis



I am trying to simulate a scenario having RAR is integrated with Result Analysis(Internal Order). But getting an error - Error KJ 011 when transferring revenue to result analysis at the time of posting. Enclosed error screen shot for details.

Please advice if anybody has come across this issue and am I missing some settings or you see this as a bug and worth to raise it with SAP?

Please refer the following steps explaining the scenario that I am trying to replicate in the system and getting error at the last step:

1. I have a sales order assigned to Internal Order where RA key is maintained.

2. RAR contract is successfully created with reference to sales order having POB settings as 'With CO Integration Enabled' and Integration Type with Result Analysis is 'PoC Based Integration' and CO object Number is Internal Order Number.(This looks right as we have configured our system :) )

3. Now I have incurred cost on Internal Order and 50% billing is done.

4. Billing Information is also transferred to RAR.

5. Result Analysis is performed on Internal order and based on the valuation method defined, system has calculated 100% PoC and transferred it to RAR which inturn has sucessfully fulfilled the POB by 100%.

5. Now Revenue Schedule is ready to recognize the Revenue.

6. When I SIMULATE Revenue Postings, so I can see the postings like system is trying to Recognize 100% revenue and also creating Accruals for unbilled 50%.

7. But when I am trying to post it, system is given me an error message - Error KJ 011 when transferring revenue to result analysis. And when I checked the log i could see the following message.

Please advice.



4xc6e.png (93.6 kB)